Video processor VP6000
Video processor VP6000 LISTEN LED Video processor LED Screen Control and Graphic Card Malaysia, Selangor, Kuala Lumpur (KL), Puchong Supplier, Suppliers, Supply, Supplies | SENGECO (M) SDN BHD
Multi channels video input - LED Video Processor with 8 channels video input, of which 2 CVBS ,2 VGA,2 DVI,1 DVI LOOP,1 HDMI

Besides it has 1 SDI and 1 DVI output channel not via video processor. It covers the civil and industrial using requirements. 

Video input switching all and can realize the fast cutting and fade switching effect.



Practical Video output interface : LED Video Processor 3 programmable video output. 2 DVI and 1 VGA outout
Seamless Switching : LED Video Processor can also seamlessly switch between any channel switching
Full output resolution : LED Video Processor designed for users with useful output resolution, the widest reach 2560 points, the highest of 1920 points
Support PIP : PIP technology unaltered state in the original image, the other input of the same or different overlay images
One Key black : Black screen during a performance is an essential operation
Support Freeze : During Playback, you may need to freeze the current picture together to achieve 'pause' screen
PART and Full fast switching : LED Video Processor a simple and functional operation of the interception part of the screen and full-screen operation
Preset : LED Video Processor user presets with 4 groups, each user can store all user default setup parameters
Equal and unequal splicing :  Splicing is LED Video Processor important part, which can be achieved equal splicing and unequal splicing, splicing on greatly users' needs.
30bit scaling technology : LED Video Processor using a dual-core image processing engine, a single core can process 30 image scaling technology to achieve pixel output from 64 to 2560, while achieving 10 times the image to enlarge the output, ie, the maximum screen more than 25,600.
Brightness Adjustment : LED Video Processor unique brightness adjustment function, reduce the brightness solved after layering lost, so that more true color reproduction.
Saved directly technology : Saved directly technology to solve the user's settings and manually save tedious process, that users of co-ordination or adjust parameters without the implementation of artificial save operation.
ACC & ACM image filtering : LED Video Processor using ACC and ACM image filtering engine, handling each color, nonlinear filtering effect of the lowest loss rate of the image, restore the color fidelity.
Custom Imput Resolution : You can customize the PC output resolution as same as LED size. Horizontal maximum is 3840 pixels, and vertical maximum is 1920 pixels.

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